A World on a Watch By JF Collection - 8 Aug 2019

The world of fine watchmaking has quite a few secrets, and none as alluring as the inspirations that create these beautiful pieces. The complex world is a blend of art and science, highlighted by a jolt of inspiration that strikes like lightning – much like how it did when it came to the JF Collection!

With creativity at its peak and the moto of delivering the master piece of an era, JF Collection aim at re-revolutionising the process of traditional watch making and blending of the modern techniques.

The spirit of creativity runs strong with JF Collection, in the way they conceptualize their pieces – and the JF Collection is just one of those unforgettable stories that cemented the brand’s place. One look at the Jf Watch and you’ll be blown away by its incredibly designed details, unique dial and impeccable craftsmanship.

The iconic brand has been making its marks since 2007.

As it is said nothing happens overnight,It wasn’t a spur of moment but decades of passion and commitment to make a world class product.

JF Collection has been expanding steadily over the course of 12 years since its establishment and today JF Collection have expanded to over 183 outlets across the country. JF Collection attaches great value to its services its after sales service is the biggest USP. JF Collection respond to the needs of every customer providing the fastest after sales service in the watch market. JF Collection have earned a prestigious position in the manufacturing sector in the international sphere. JF Collection have successfully planted ourselves in the leading states of the country which includes Maharasthra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan and Punjab.